About Papa’s Tours

Papa’s Tours was founded by Yahya Nyass.

“I was born in Gunjur, a village in the south of Gambia. Gunjur is a typical countryside village. The fields are fertile. Farmers grow crops like peanuts, melons and cassava. There are also many cashew trees and mango trees. The mangoes are ripe in the rainy season. Then there’s so much fruit that you can eat mango all day long if you want!”

Gunjur is close to the Atlantic Ocean. It has beautiful beaches, that are still untouched by mass tourism and big hotels. Only a few small ecolodges are based here. “I think Gunjur is the most beautiful part of Gambia. My south Gambia tour is my favorite tour.”

Yahya’s shares his family home with his father and his mother, his 3 brothers and 4 sisters. “It sounds crowded, but in Gambia, that’s a small family”, says Yahya laughing.

Language expert

He speaks 5 Gambian languages: Mandinka, Wolof, Jola, Karoninka and Fula. All these languages originate from different parts of Africa and are very different from each other. Speaking all the Gambian languages is seen as very civilized.

“Gambia is the smallest country on the mainland. We are called the ‘Gateway to Africa’. That’s because in Gambia you can experience everything this big continent has to offer: colorful cultures, wonderful wildlife and superb scenery.”

Small, professional, personalized tours

Yahya started working as a private tour guide because he believes small, professional, personalized tours are the best way of showing Gambia to the outside world.

“I love to show visitors the real Gambia, to give them a memorable experience. You just can’t get that on a big bus tour. Sure, there are lots of hustlers on the streets offering cheap private tours. But they are not trained for the job, and they know nothing about the country. That’s why I started Papa’s Tours: to give high quality tours for a good price.”

Nature and animals

Papa’s Tours are done with respect to nature and animals. At Papa’s Tours we don’t visit any places where animals are not treated well, are used as a tourist or are used for shows. Stops on our tours, like the Kartong Reptile Farm or the Crocodile Pool, were founded to learn local people about the beneficial role of wild animals in Gambia. Visiting these places also benefits our nature.

Send us an email at gambiapapastours@gmail.com