Gambia Banjul City Tour

Gambia Banjul city tour with Papa's Tours in Gambia

Gambia Banjul city tour

On the Gambia Banjul City Tour we visit the three major cities on the western coast of Gambia.

Banjul, Serrekunda and Bakau are well known for their colorful craft markets. These markets are a much better option than the tourist market in the Senegambia Strip, where sellers can be pushy.

If you are planning to buy handmade souvenirs, then these markets are the place to do so. There’s lots of opportunities for shopping on this tour. You’ll have many chances to buy batik, silver, wood and leather items. 

Gambia Banjul City Tour | Serekunda market

The market in Serekunda surely smells like Africa: fish, meat, herbs and fresh leather. Smoked fish, okra and spices abound, but also check the pots, pans and various colorful African fabrics.

There are few tourists on the market, so yes, you stand out! Visiting the market with a guide is handy but not a must: it is safe there.

The Royal Albert Market

In the Royal Albert Market, the overwhelming odor and color explosion has an almost intoxicating effect. Exotic fruits are laid out in stalls and spices spice up the air. If you want to buy meat or fish to throw a barbecue, be careful: the products often lie in the sun for half a day. It’s certainly a good way to catch ‘Banjul belly’.

The Albert Market is best known for local jewelry, the most beautiful carvings and batik fabrics.

You can visit the Albert Market on your own, but Papa can also show you around. The narrow paths form a true maze. Tip: if you want to take a picture of a product or a merchant, give her some Dalasi’s. Usually it is no problem then.

After visiting these lively markets we visit the excellent National Museum in Banjul. The museum embodies the country’s cultural and historical identity, with its photo archives detailing over 70 years of Gambian history.

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