Gambia Senegal Safari

Gambia Senegal Safari

Experience the Gambia Senegal Safari! Gambia has no big wildlife or a Big Five, like Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa. But just across the border from Gambia, in northern Senegal, there’s the Fathala Wildlife Reserve. 

Fathala Wildlife Reserve

The reserve consists of thousands of hectares of original and protected African forest. Enjoy the high savannah grass, giant African Mahogany trees, and wild bush. 

We drive in our 4WD and see rhinos, giraffes, roan, waterbuck, zebra and red colobus monkey. We also go looking for Papa’s favorite animal: the great and beautiful western giant eland. The giant eland is the inspiration for our logo.

This tour starts early in the morning. We pick you up at your hotel and drive to the ferry terminal in Banjul.  On the ferry we see lots of people going to or coming from the market in Banjul. Many Senegalese people go shopping in the market in Banjul, where prices are lower that in Senegal. 

Crossing the Senegal border

Gambia Senegal safariWe cross the river and leave the ship on the north side. Afterwards we drive to the border of Senegal, where we get our passports stamped. Fathala Game Reserve is only a few kilometers from the border. 

The Gambia Senegal Safari tour can be done in one day. If you want more time in Senegal, we can stay overnight in Fathala. This gives us time to visit other parts in the south of Senegal, like the Saloum Delta. This huge delta is one of the top destinations in Africa for seeing water birds like flamingo, spoonbill and royal tern.

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