South Gambia Tour

South Gambia Tour

South Gambia TourThe South Gambia Tour takes us to the highlights of this region, where still few tourist go. This is Papa’s favorite part of The Gambia!

Our journey starts at the cattle market in Abuko, where we stop and take a tour of the market. Hundreds of sheep, goats and cows are bought and sold here.

Then we go to the woodworking center in Brikama, where many thousands of pieces of teak items are carved and sold. The center is the best place in Gambia to buy souvenirs. Prices are much lower than in the tourist areas.

From there we go to Kartong, the southernmost village of The Gambia on the border with Senegal.

Gambia Reptile Farm

Here we visit the Reptile Farm, where we can see pythons, cobras, vipers and other reptiles. The Reptile Farm encourages people to get close to snakes!

The Gambia Reptile Farm is set up as a research center for reptiles. It educates local people about the benefits of having snakes in their local environment, for example in keeping the mice and rat population under control.

We continue our drive to Paradise Beach in Sanyang. During our break here you can watch Gambian wrestling, one of the oldest traditional sports in The Gambia. Or you can stretch out in the sun or refresh in the cool sea water.

Visit the fishing port of Tanji

The last stop on the South Gambia tour is the fishing port of Tanji. This beachfront village on the Atlantic Ocean is famous for its many fish smoke stacks. The best time to visit Tanji is in the afternoon when the fishing boats return from fishing on the sea. This is a moment not to miss.

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