Senegal Casamance Tour

Senegal Casamance

This 2 day Senegal Casamance Tour goes all the way to the south of Senegal.

Papa’s Tours will pick you up in the morning at your hotel. We drive south to the border with Senegal. This region is called the Casamance, and it’s dominated by the big river with the same name.

The Casamance officially belongs to Senegal, but it is very isolated from this country. The capital of Senegal, Dakar, is much further away than Gambia! 

Senegal Casamance Tour | Cap Skirring

On the way we have a look at towns with exotic sounding names like Diouloulou. We cross the bridge over the Casamance near the town of Ziguinchor. Then we head west, to the coast and Cap Skirring. 

Cap Skirring has been a tourist destination since the 1960’s, when it was ‘discovered’ by French tourists. Cap Skirring is the second largest beach destination in Senegal. But it is still a bit of a secret holiday destination and the natural surroundings are untouched. There are a few nice lodges here and low profile restaurants.

We’ll stay in Cap Skirring for the night, to enjoy the lovely climate and of course beautiful beach. This beach is considered the most beautiful in all West-Africa.

On this tour we’ll also see lots of wildlife. It’s also a nice tour if you want to see the traditional way of live in this part of Africa. The South of Gambia and the Casamance is still untouched by tourism. 

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