Gambia Safari Tour

Gambia safari from Papa's Tours

Papa’s Gambia Safari Tour is an easy one day tour. We visit several small natures areas on the west coast.

The parks are all close to the main hotel areas, so there’s no long drives. 

The Gambia Safari Tour starts at the famous Kachically crocodile pond in Bakau, home of 80 crocodiles. The crocodiles roam freely, and can be approached and touched by visitors. Childless women often visit this pond to bathe in the water, which is believed to promote fertility.

One of the most famous crocodiles here is Charlie. Injured crocodiles found in the wild are sometimes taken to the holy pools to recover, so the pond also acts as a sanctuary. 

Afterwards we drive to Bijilo Forest Park. This small game reserve offers a safe living environment for various monkeys and birds. 

See monkeys during the Gambia Safari Tour

Bijilo is also known as Monkey Park. It has lots of green vervet monkeys, a very playful monkey species. They are not afraid of people, so you can observe and photograph them up close.

With a bit of luck we’ll also see Red Colobus monkeys. They are more shy.

Like all nature parks in Gambia, Monkey Park has lots of birds. We can spot species like hornbills, pheasants, cuckoos, sunbirds, starlings and weavers.

Abuko Nature Reserve

Our third stop is the Abuko Nature Reserve. This game reserve is a favorite among wildlife and bird lovers. 

To conclude the Gambia Safari Tour, we’ll have lunch in Lamin Lodge, a lodge on the south bank of the Gambia River.

The lodge offers a beautiful view over the mangrove swamp. If you want you can also make a boat trip from here.

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