Makasutu Gambia

Makasutu Gambia with Papa's Tours

Makasutu Cultural Forest is one of the highlights of Gambia.

This holy forest is situated near Brikama, about an hour’s drive from the hotels in Kotu and Kololi.

Makasutu is a jewel of ecotourism in the Gambia. It has a lot of wildlife, like a residential group of more than 200 baboons. These can often been seen foraging for food.

During our tour a local guide will escort you. He knows all the inns and outs of the forest. He’ll show you how the local community uses the trees and the plants, without destroying the forest. Makasutu is a beautiful example of how people can live in harmony with nature.

Makasutu means ‘holy forest’ in Mandinka. According to myth a dragon lives in the swamp, protecting the woods. Another  legend believes the woodland is haunted by spirits or ‘djinns’, as well as giants.

Therefore the woodland always was uninhabited. It was used only for prayer and rituals. Local kings forbade any hunting and tree felling on these sacred grounds.

Visitors can enjoy traditional tribal dancing, drumming and singing, a guided canoe ride or bird watching.

Also you can visit the resident griot or fortune teller, or take lessons in woodcarving, cooking or furniture making.

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