Gambia Roots Tour

Gambia Roots Tour with Papa's Tours in Gambia

On this impressive Gambia Roots tour you dive into the history of the slave trade. The slave trade in The Gambia peaked in the 17th and 18th centuries. 

This tour takes you to the two main attractions surrounding the slave trade in Gambia: Albreda and James Island, nowadays also called Kunta Kinteh Island.

We pick you up at your hotel and drive to the port of Banjul. There we take the ferry to the north bank of the river Gambia. The ferry trip on the river takes about 45 minutes. Maybe we will sail on the Kunta Kinteh, a ferry named after the legendary figure from the book Roots

On the north bank we take a bush taxi and drive across the countryside to Albreda, the symbol of the slave trade in Gambia. In this village we are joined by an official guide. He will show us the sights.

Sailing to Kunta Kinteh

In Albreda we view the monument to the abolition of slavery. We also visit the Slavery Museum, a small but impressive museum. Here you can feel how heavy the chains were that the slaves were wearing. You can also see how the slave trade was organized.

From the pier of Albreda we sail in 20 minutes to James Island, nowadays called Kunta Kinteh Island. The small island was the center of the slave trade in The Gambia.

It is strategically located in the middle of the river. Many European powers fought over the control of this island and the slave trade, like the Dutch, the French and the English.

On the island a small fort provides an haunting testimony to the slave trade. Here you can see where the slaves were imprisoned before being brought to the Americas. A dark, damp cellar was used to imprison ‘difficult’ slaves, to break their spirit. 

Experience the Gambia Roots Tour

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