Gambia River

Gambia River tour with Papa's tours

Gambia RiverDuring this multi-day tour we discover the center and east of the Gambia river.

We drive along the south bank of The Gambia to Georgetown, which is also called Janjangbureh.

This town is the main crossing over the Gambia river in this part of the country.

The journey is about 300 kilometers and roughly takes 6 hours. The south bank highway is newly asphalted and very smooth to drive on. But we still must take care because many donkeys, goats and sometimes monkeys also use the road. 

Along the way we visit a number of small nature reserves, full of birds and wildlife. We pass small villages, rice fields and markets. That way you get a nice picture of African countryside life.

Experience the Gambia River

The countryside upstream is much quieter than the west coast. It’s a place where time goes slow. 

In the evening we drive to the village of Kuntaur, where we hop on a boat to the River Gambia National Park. More than a hundred chimpanzees live here on five islands in the river. 

Every evening the chimpanzees are fed by their caretakers. A great opportunity to take photos! Hippos also live in the river.

Close by Kuntaur we have a look at the Wassu Stone Circles. These are the Stonehenge of Gambia, the largest concentration of stone circles seen anywhere in the world.

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