Papa’s Tours in Dutch Media Reisboulevard

Papa’s Tours was featured in Dutch online travel magazine Reisboulevard. Travel editor Jan Hazevoet spend three days touring Gambia with Papa’s Tours, enjoying the culture and nature the country has to offer.

‘Gambia is a friendly and pleasant country, to which many people keep returning’, writes Reisboulevard. ‘A holiday to The Gambia offers a lot of variety. Landscapes range from shady forests to golden sandy beaches, from dry savannah to tidal swamps. There’s wild animals everywhere, especially birds and monkeys.’

According to Reisboulevard, The Gambians themselves are the real highlight on your vacation to The Gambia. ‘They are friendly and have a sense of humor. Reason why The Gambia is called the “Smiling coast of Africa”.’

But booking a tour in Gambia can be confusing, it says in the article. ‘Outside the hotels there’s lots of people who want to sell their tourist services to you. Some of them can be very intimidating. They are called bumsters or hustlers.’

‘Many tourists buy a cheap tour on the streets. Afterward they find out that their “guide” doesn’t have much to say. It also happens that “guides” do not show up after payment, leave the guests somewhere halfway, or that they have to pay for every extra. A cheap tour then becomes expensive.’

Papa himself knows how to run a professional tour, Reisboulevard writes. ‘Papa is easy going, but also listens to your wishes and knows how to organise a good tour. He’s friendly and loves to show his country to the outside world. A good combination in a tour guide.’

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